EWANA Winter Meeting: Minutes

28 Feb
EWANA 1st Qtr Neighborhood Meeting | Feb 27, 2014
Hall Fletcher Elementary (6-8p)
Attending Approximately 30 Total. Sarah Carew moderated the meeting.

1. Introduced Board Members

2. Introductions by attendees (name, street)

3. EWANA Announcements: 
—Ava announced Stephen Edge as “Captain of the Street Captains”. Explained that we want Street Captains to pass out flyers and announce neighborhood meetings. Passed around a signup sheet for people to sign.
—EWANA is currently trying to Adopt-a-Highway (ed. Haywood Road and Hanover St.; cleanups would be required four times a year)
East West Asheville Action Plan has created a sub-committee of EWANA for people interested. This is in the early stages. We are currently trying to schedule a meeting to prioritize and put our ideas together into a focused plan.
—The plan to get sidewalks on Haywood should be moving in to action in the next few months!!
Duke donated the land on the river to the City to finish connecting the greenway from the river at Haywood (past NB property) to the Dog Park and eventually plans to go down to Carrier Park!!!
   *Power lines will be moving closer to Riverview as part of this project, please contact Rich Lee if you have concerns or you are interested in helping to address the issues our neighbors may have during this process. (ric.hardlee(at) live.com)
—Riverview recently got moved up in the rankings for Traffic Calming! It is now the #2 street on City’s list. We are expected to get Speed Cushions in place in 2014!!!
—An attendee commented on how great the Stop Signs are on Beverly!!!
March 11 City Council will meet to discuss the Riverview Traffic Calming, would be good to have a presence
—King Daddys Chicken is expected to open in March!!!

4. New Belgium Announcements provided by Susanne Hackett, read by Sarah Carew
—From March to May, they will begin stabalizing the soil so it will be dusty and noisy during that period of time. The city allows them to work between 7am-7pm Monday-Saturday. NB has agreed to not start until 8am on Saturdays.
Ground Breaking Event on May 2 at The Grey Eagle, Free and Open to Public!! This event will be ticketed because there is limited space available, so stay tuned for information on how to get your tickets.
—NB is doing a Time Capsule, so please contact eastwestneighborhood@gmail.com if you have ideas. Size has to be close to an iPhone.
5. Keith McCulloch of Asheville Police Dept, Presentation on Crime Prevention
—Goal is to improve our Quality of Life
—Define Crime Prevention: understanding the crime risks and the initiative to remove them
—A Criminal needs 3 things: 1) desire/motivation 2) ability/skills/tools 3) opportunity
Opportunity is the only thing we can control. So here are some things we can do to stop people from having the opportunity to commit crimes and improve our quality of life…
Crime Prevention Programs- for more information visit ashevillenc.gov
1. Neighborhood Watch
2. Workplace Violence
3. Protecting Yourself and Home
4. Business Crime Prevention
5. Identity Theft
6. CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)
7. Operation identification (free engraving device for individuals to engrave their drivers license # into household items). This will help track criminals back to their crimes, so they can be prosecuted accordingly. It may also help you retrieve your belongings!
8. Home Inventory (You can get a free brochure or disc from APD- record serial numbers of household items and keep in a separate or safe place.) This also helps track criminals to their crimes, very important.
9.Home Security Self-Survey (takes 10mins, Do It Yourself, it walks you through your house and asks you questions to compute a safety score and give you helpful hints on how to improve the safety of your home).
10.Safe Cam (to help with graffitti and other crimes, local businesses can register their security cameras with this program, for Free!) It allows police to use their footage to track criminals and cover more ground with camera recordings.
11. Active Shooter Response
Crime Prevention Apps- for more information visit ashevillenc.gov
1. Next Door (Free!), this is currently available for East West Asheville, please join!
2. Life 360 (Free!), Family Locator
3. Damini- allows you to record your surroundings instantly and choose to share them with your contacts.
4. EmergenSee- Staffed 24/7 so you can contact them in times of need
5. YWCA- Safety Siren can sound from your phone and call your emergency contacts with the push of a button
6. Sentinal- Will allert your emergency contacts that you are in danger
7. SOS Whistle (Free!)

6. Sean Davis, Community Resource Officer for West Asheville, APD
1. Addressed the recent break-ins on Swannanoa, Joyner, Michigan etc. Criminal charged with the crime is Jay Baxter. He was out on Federal Parole from South Carolina. His MO was to knock on someones door and see if they answer. If someone does answer the door, he would say he was looking for someone who used to live there. If they did not answer, he knew the house was vacant.
—Baxter was interviewed and gave information that was beneficial for APD to have. We can use this knowledge to try to better understand and prevent these opportunities for criminals.
—Baxter said he sometimes he would just park in a random neighborhood and watch people, look for patterns. Sometimes he would get out of his car and walk around to see if anyone was watching him. If he knew certain neighborhoods had a Neighborhood Watch or lots of people were attentive to strangers, he would leave and find a different neighborhood to break-in.
—Most criminals say the goal is go in when nobody is home, to get in and out without being seen
2. Addressed Westwood Ave
—Currently under investigation, so names cannot be released yet. Years ago there were persons that lived on Westwood and caused problems. He moved to Candler and did not have a car for a while, so he was unable to travel back to this area to commit crimes. Recently, he had access to a vehicle and may have been causing more trouble in our area, but the police have impounded the car and are doing further investigations.
3. Addressed Joyner Ave
—Believe to have the suspect in custody, name cannot be released yet.
—This is a motive of addiction, needing quick money for substance abuse.
***If you see something concerning, call the cops IMMEDIATELY. Please don’t wait two days to report a description because timeliness is very important to catching someone. Don’t Hesitate to call! They want the information and it may seem like you don’t see instant results, but it may take a day or two to catch someone in the act. So police want to encourage you to report any strange activity- it could help solve more crimes***
4. Addressed a group of previous individuals that were selling cleaning supplies. Organized Crime. They would talk to you and try to sell you on cleaning supplies, but really they were looking inside your house taking inventory, and they would come back when you weren’t home.
***Call the cops if someone comes to your door that seems suspicious. Let the police determine whether or not they are harmless. If they went to your door, they will probably go to your neighbors as well and if you call immediately, police can catch them in the act***

7. Q+A
-Are dogs a deterrent for burglars? Yes. Of course, that does not mean 100% of people with dogs do not have problems with burglary, but it is a good deterrent

-Is anything being done to decrease the amount of time it takes Forensics to get blood results back? Yes. The city is aware this is a problem. It is currently estimated that it may take years to get results, when it should be only months. There was a staff shortage, but the issue has been recognized and working towards improvement.-

Is leaving lights on in the house a deterrent? Yes. Make sure you have trimmed bushes, so they can’t hide easily. LED lights are very bright, they work well. Alarms are good, be sure you request immediate service to the police. Things like radio and noise are all deterrents.

-What local resources do we have for more crime prevention? Do we still have Weed and Seed? No Weed and Seed, but Neighborhood Watch has been proven in research projects to work! Know your neighbors, communicate, and definitely call the police when you see something strange. East West Asheville should consider starting a Neighborhood Watch. Use EWANA as a source to get started.

-When should we call 911 vs (828) 252-1110? 911 is for life threatening emergencies. When you call 911, it shows your name and address in case you are having a heart attack or cannot provide any information, the police still know where you are. The direct line does not show your information, so it does not tie up the Emergency line. **Don’t hesitate to call either number** Store the local number in your cell phoneso if you see something you can call the police right away. 

-Is there a way to let the police know if you are going out of town? Yes. Call the direct line to the Police Dept (828) 252-1110 and let them know. They will send an email to your neighborhood resource officer and others so they can try to drive by more often.

-What do you do if you see someone speeding and you know who it is? Call the police immediately! Don’t wait. Call immediately and describe the person and vehicle, if you have a license plate or even know where they live, the more information the better. It may not be solved that day, but if the have clues as to what time of day, it may help catch the speeder in action. Call the non-emergency number you should now have stored in your cell phone (828) 252-1110.

Other Announcments from the Officers-
—The Citizens Police Academy happens twice/year, Spring and Fall. Its a free, 13 week program, 1 night a week for 3 hours. They provide a meal and they show you everything about the police department. No closed doors. They want to teach us what they do and be transparent for us. You have the opportunity to do a ride along, meet the K9 Unit, Bomb Squad and more! Visit ashevillenc.gov to sign up in advance. Spots will fill up quickly.
Report Crimes no matter how Small! If someone steals change from your car, you should still report it! If you report it, it may give the police information like a description, time of day, or many other clues that could help them catch the criminal.
—Visit ashevillenc.gov for information on recent crimes in your area. P2C (Police to Citizens) and Crime Reports.
—Have the officers come back out and help organize a Neighborhood Watch!!!

8. Neighborhood Announcements
A) Maceo on Florida Ave is hosting a Spring Fundraiser, all proceeds are for Breast Cancer Survivors. Date is TBD. Please keep an eye out for fliers and help spread the word!
B) Joyner Community Garden is starting up for the year! Neighbors will gather Saturdays at Noon!
Meeting concluded 8pm

EWANA Winter Meeting rescheduled for Feb. 27th

21 Feb

EWANA Winter Meeting rescheduled for Feb. 27th

EWANA Winter Meeting Feb. 12th

31 Jan

EWANA Crime Prevention Meeting 2.12.14

Minutes of Annual Meeting – November 7, 2013

10 Nov
(photo by Gordon Smith)
Attending: 24 total
Lynn Brailsford moderated the meeting.
Interim Board members present were introduced: Lynn Brailsford, Joshua Martin, Rich Lee, Tom Burnet & Ava Carr
All of these except Lynn will remain on the board for a second year of service. Interim Board member Sarah Davis was unable to attend & will not remain on the board because she now has an infant son. Congratulations Sarah & Stephen!
All present introduced themselves.
Joshua Martin gave a short history of the Neighborhood Association. 
The Interim Board was voted in a year ago in order to create By Laws & become an official neighborhood association recognized by the city staff in order to participate in city meetings and have a voice in local politics. The New Belgium project was the catalyst for this action but the group has an interest in all events occurring in and around our neighborhood. The group also wants to serve as an organization to promote fun neighborhood activities & relationships.
Tom Burnet reviewed our organizational ground rules and rules of order.
Play nice, be respectful and we will govern by consensus.
Rich Lee reviewed the proposed Bylaws.Printed copies were provided to those in attendance. There was a question & answer period.
The By Laws were voted in!!!!
Volunteers were requested to serve for 2 years in the 5 vacant board positions. 7 volunteers stepped forward. The seven names were put in a hat and the 5 new members selected were:
Adam Chase, Kirk Weir, Mandy Phillips, Sarah Carew, Ted Figura
Not selected were Stephen Edge and Sonia Marcus. We appreciate their willingness to serve and hope they will participate in some other manner. Stephen volunteered to organize a system of block captains to help increase membership, make announcements, etc.
The New Board was voted on and approved.
The new board members introduced themselves and gave some background information on the skills they feel they can bring to the board.
Gordon Grant from Hall Fletcher arrived and introduced himself.
A brainstorming session was held regarding neighborhood concerns, desired direction for the group etc… Items discussed were:
  • community safety (crime, speeding)
  • Street condition (dirt, leaves make our already narrow paths smaller)
  • Empty lots & the problems they present (mosquitos, crime, trash)
  • Problems with rats at dumpsters
  • Encroachment of businesses on residential areas of the neighborhood
  • Identify needed infrastructure improvements / implement  solutions
  • neighborhood parking
  • bike parking (provide places for )
  • walk-ability and bike-ability & its relationship to narrow streets, increasing traffic, on street parking
  • traffic calming / speeding (visual friction, marked parking spaces)
  • Improve the visual impression of our neighborhood (deal with trash, overgrown shrubs, hidden signs)
  • Kids – we want to neighborhood to be safer & more welcoming to children
  • continue to be a voice in local politics & planning
  • Stay involved in the New Belgium Brewery process, The Form Based Code Process, The I 26 connector & Greenway projects
  • Continue toward a neighborhood Vision Plan
  • Build political power
  • Continue to liaison with other neighborhood groups
  • Community gardens, perhaps at people’s homes
  • Provide a framework for various individual small projects
  • Community fund raising
  • The need to increase our membership to include the whole range of diversity in our neighborhood. (income, age, race etc..)
  • Discussion of outreach methods to reach non computer users (Block Captains to go door to door, Mailings, Flyers, Bulletin Board at a local business etc…)
  • The need for a non-computer method to contact the board
  • Engage in sense of place – create an East West identity
  • Create opportunities for neighborhood gatherings and fun.
  • Create friendships with our neighbors

Meeting adjourned


Questions? Feedback? Participate in the discussion at EWANA on Facebook, EWANA on NextDoor, or by other means.

East West Asheville Annual Neighborhood Meeting, Thursday November 7th

4 Nov

@ Hall Fletcher Elementary School


(This is grassroots, y’all – please help spread the word by sticking THIS FLYER on 5 neighbors’ doors or in their hands)

East West Asheville is a neighborhood that is proud to part of larger West Asheville.  It is defined as the area between Interstate 240 and the French Broad River.  EWANA was formed to build community among neighbors, increase health and safety and to advocate and be a voice for our neighborhood.

In our first year as an organized neighborhood we have:

1) Negotiated bike lanes and sidewalks on Haywood from the river to Beecham’s Curve

2) Got a new stop sign at Riverview and Beverly

3) Worked for a partial resolution to neighborhood concerns about truck traffic, with a full solution still in the works

4) Built awareness and support for the alternate truck route with a petition signed by over 900 people, half of them East West Asheville residents, and presentations to the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council

5) Raised funds for a teaching weather station at the new Hall Fletcher Elementary playground

6) Made connecting Haywood Road to the dog park with a new greenway a high city priority

7) Got connecting East West Asheville to parks and greenways recognized in city and New Belgium plans

8) Drafted bylaws that will guide the neighborhood into its next few years

9) Connected 250+ neighbors by Facebook and email groups

10) Started a neighborhood vision process

11) Represented at the Festival of Neighborhoods

12) Hosted a neighborhood summer picnic with 50+ people in attendance

Please join us this Thursday to meet your neighbors and have a voice in what comes next.

The Interim Board of EWANA asks for your participation in voting for our first Board of Directors and adopting the attached By-Laws for our Neighborhood Association.    Let the incoming board know what you see as priority issues to address for the neighborhood and discover ways to get involved in making things happen.

The EWANA Bylaws are a set of organizational rules, that describe the purpose and procedures of our group. Their ratification is the remaining step required before we are recognized as a true neighborhood association by the city.

We will propose a slate of candidates to be approved by acclamation by the group members present at the meeting.

The slate of candidates for 2013 – 2014 will be composed of the 4 members of the Interim Board who are willing to continue to serve for another year and any volunteers willing to throw their name in the ring at the meeting. We feel it is important to keep group continuity from one year to the next and propose 2 year terms with staggered start years. For further clarification read the By-Laws! (please!)

It is our hope that some of you will come forward and volunteer to be involved, either as a member of the Board, or in some other capacity.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you,
The Interim EWANA Board

Ava, Joshua, Tom, Rich, Sarah, Lynn

EWANA First Anniversary Picnic on 8/8

26 Jul

Facebook Users RSVP HERE  


Next EWANA community meeting: March 20th

22 Feb

Please join neighbors for the next bi-monthly EWANA meeting

Where:  Hall Fletcher Elementary

When:  March 20th, 2013, 6-8 pm

Agenda:  TBD – Send your ideas to eastwestneighborhood@gmail.com

Who wants to bring the snacks?

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