East West Asheville Annual Neighborhood Meeting, Thursday November 7th

4 Nov

@ Hall Fletcher Elementary School


(This is grassroots, y’all – please help spread the word by sticking THIS FLYER on 5 neighbors’ doors or in their hands)

East West Asheville is a neighborhood that is proud to part of larger West Asheville.  It is defined as the area between Interstate 240 and the French Broad River.  EWANA was formed to build community among neighbors, increase health and safety and to advocate and be a voice for our neighborhood.

In our first year as an organized neighborhood we have:

1) Negotiated bike lanes and sidewalks on Haywood from the river to Beecham’s Curve

2) Got a new stop sign at Riverview and Beverly

3) Worked for a partial resolution to neighborhood concerns about truck traffic, with a full solution still in the works

4) Built awareness and support for the alternate truck route with a petition signed by over 900 people, half of them East West Asheville residents, and presentations to the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council

5) Raised funds for a teaching weather station at the new Hall Fletcher Elementary playground

6) Made connecting Haywood Road to the dog park with a new greenway a high city priority

7) Got connecting East West Asheville to parks and greenways recognized in city and New Belgium plans

8) Drafted bylaws that will guide the neighborhood into its next few years

9) Connected 250+ neighbors by Facebook and email groups

10) Started a neighborhood vision process

11) Represented at the Festival of Neighborhoods

12) Hosted a neighborhood summer picnic with 50+ people in attendance

Please join us this Thursday to meet your neighbors and have a voice in what comes next.

The Interim Board of EWANA asks for your participation in voting for our first Board of Directors and adopting the attached By-Laws for our Neighborhood Association.    Let the incoming board know what you see as priority issues to address for the neighborhood and discover ways to get involved in making things happen.

The EWANA Bylaws are a set of organizational rules, that describe the purpose and procedures of our group. Their ratification is the remaining step required before we are recognized as a true neighborhood association by the city.

We will propose a slate of candidates to be approved by acclamation by the group members present at the meeting.

The slate of candidates for 2013 – 2014 will be composed of the 4 members of the Interim Board who are willing to continue to serve for another year and any volunteers willing to throw their name in the ring at the meeting. We feel it is important to keep group continuity from one year to the next and propose 2 year terms with staggered start years. For further clarification read the By-Laws! (please!)

It is our hope that some of you will come forward and volunteer to be involved, either as a member of the Board, or in some other capacity.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you,
The Interim EWANA Board

Ava, Joshua, Tom, Rich, Sarah, Lynn


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