Minutes of Annual Meeting – November 7, 2013

10 Nov
(photo by Gordon Smith)
Attending: 24 total
Lynn Brailsford moderated the meeting.
Interim Board members present were introduced: Lynn Brailsford, Joshua Martin, Rich Lee, Tom Burnet & Ava Carr
All of these except Lynn will remain on the board for a second year of service. Interim Board member Sarah Davis was unable to attend & will not remain on the board because she now has an infant son. Congratulations Sarah & Stephen!
All present introduced themselves.
Joshua Martin gave a short history of the Neighborhood Association. 
The Interim Board was voted in a year ago in order to create By Laws & become an official neighborhood association recognized by the city staff in order to participate in city meetings and have a voice in local politics. The New Belgium project was the catalyst for this action but the group has an interest in all events occurring in and around our neighborhood. The group also wants to serve as an organization to promote fun neighborhood activities & relationships.
Tom Burnet reviewed our organizational ground rules and rules of order.
Play nice, be respectful and we will govern by consensus.
Rich Lee reviewed the proposed Bylaws.Printed copies were provided to those in attendance. There was a question & answer period.
The By Laws were voted in!!!!
Volunteers were requested to serve for 2 years in the 5 vacant board positions. 7 volunteers stepped forward. The seven names were put in a hat and the 5 new members selected were:
Adam Chase, Kirk Weir, Mandy Phillips, Sarah Carew, Ted Figura
Not selected were Stephen Edge and Sonia Marcus. We appreciate their willingness to serve and hope they will participate in some other manner. Stephen volunteered to organize a system of block captains to help increase membership, make announcements, etc.
The New Board was voted on and approved.
The new board members introduced themselves and gave some background information on the skills they feel they can bring to the board.
Gordon Grant from Hall Fletcher arrived and introduced himself.
A brainstorming session was held regarding neighborhood concerns, desired direction for the group etc… Items discussed were:
  • community safety (crime, speeding)
  • Street condition (dirt, leaves make our already narrow paths smaller)
  • Empty lots & the problems they present (mosquitos, crime, trash)
  • Problems with rats at dumpsters
  • Encroachment of businesses on residential areas of the neighborhood
  • Identify needed infrastructure improvements / implement  solutions
  • neighborhood parking
  • bike parking (provide places for )
  • walk-ability and bike-ability & its relationship to narrow streets, increasing traffic, on street parking
  • traffic calming / speeding (visual friction, marked parking spaces)
  • Improve the visual impression of our neighborhood (deal with trash, overgrown shrubs, hidden signs)
  • Kids – we want to neighborhood to be safer & more welcoming to children
  • continue to be a voice in local politics & planning
  • Stay involved in the New Belgium Brewery process, The Form Based Code Process, The I 26 connector & Greenway projects
  • Continue toward a neighborhood Vision Plan
  • Build political power
  • Continue to liaison with other neighborhood groups
  • Community gardens, perhaps at people’s homes
  • Provide a framework for various individual small projects
  • Community fund raising
  • The need to increase our membership to include the whole range of diversity in our neighborhood. (income, age, race etc..)
  • Discussion of outreach methods to reach non computer users (Block Captains to go door to door, Mailings, Flyers, Bulletin Board at a local business etc…)
  • The need for a non-computer method to contact the board
  • Engage in sense of place – create an East West identity
  • Create opportunities for neighborhood gatherings and fun.
  • Create friendships with our neighbors

Meeting adjourned


Questions? Feedback? Participate in the discussion at EWANA on Facebook, EWANA on NextDoor, or by other means.


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