EWANA 4th Qtr Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

14 Nov
November 11, 2014

Hall Fletcher Elementary (6-8p)

Attending: Approximately 22 total 

Meeting Moderated by Joshua Martin, Chair of EWANA


1) Welcome, Sign-in and Agenda

2) Treasury Report, Rich Lee
Raised $450 at Auction Fundraiser in July
-$3 checkbook
-$50 CAN 
$397 Current Balance
3) Sidewalk Art, Alice Oglesby and Ted Figura (see expanded discussion here)
-In Spring, the City is putting in new sidewalks along Haywood Road from the River to Beechum’s Curve
-EWANA proposed sidewalk art and created ad-hoc Sidewalk Art Committee
-3 Icons were displayed:
  • The design will get placed when the new sidewalk is put down
  • Using Paint instead of stain. EWANA will be responsible for maintaining (approximately every 5yrs or so)
  • The icon will be placed approx every 100ft (estimated 20- 25 icons placed along that corridor)
  • Different artists or sayings can go inside. Up to EWANA, committee to be formed.
Limitations to what can go inside the icons:
  • Must be ADA Compliant
  • No businesses or commercial info
  • If Graffiti’d, the city will treat like all others and remove it
-Sidewalk Art Committee will determine:
  • Which of 3 icon choices to use
  • Exact location of each icon
  • How to govern what will go inside each one
-Polled Audience:
  • No one opposed the 3 icon choices
  • No one opposed the Long Term goal of this project for EWANA
4A) Updates, Joshua Martin
-You can no longer make a left turn onto Craven Street from Waynesville Ave, but you can now turn right onto Craven St from Waynesville Ave out to Haywood Road.
-Riverlink surveyed the area and decided to propose naming the creek between Waynesville Ave/Deaver St down to the NBB Site. They propose “Penland Creek”, named after a Family that used to own property in the area.
  • EWANA proposed sending a formal letter of approval for the name.
  • Polled Audience, No Opposed.
4B) Asheville on Bikes, Mike Sule
Goal is to create more on-street parking for bicycles.
1. Temporary bike corrals, similar to valet parking. When you park your bike, you’re given a ticket to turn in when you’re ready to pick up your bike. (Parked > 3,000 bikes in 2013!)
2. Permanent Bike Corrals: 1 car space can park up to 15 bikes.
-Polled Audience:
  • Mike wants EWANA to write a letter of support for his Parking Ideas, a few comments from Audience:
  • Can we ask DOT to do research on how many parking corrals would be effective for our area so we don’t risk giving up too many car parking spaces?
  • Can his group come back to the neighborhood before placing the corrals? {Mike said yes, thats his goal and makes the best sense for the neighborhood to collaborate}
  • Can they be placed in areas that car spaces block a line of sight for drivers trying to turn onto Haywood Road?
  • Could GasUp place bike corrals where the gas pumps will be removed?
 From Poll response, Joshua Martin will draft a letter and EWANA board will approve before sending.
4C) New Belgium Brewing Updates, Susanne Hackett
  • On November 12, the Pile Drivers will be back until the end of next week (Approx Nov 21) and then they will be done.
  • On November 14, they will be pouring active concrete from 7am for 12hours
  • Early next year, the tanks will arrive. Its expected to take a few days.
 4D) Updates, Rich Lee
  • -The City is coming out to measure the effectiveness of the Speed Cushions on Riverview Dr
-Greenway Updates: Town Branch Greenway from Soapy Dog to Choctaw
and Clingman Forest Greenway will include a 15ft Treetop Walk with < 5% grade!
  •  Duke Energy donated 48 acres continuously for this project from the River and along the parks
  •  There will be a public input session TBD, hopefully we can help fundraise projects for the greenway like: lighting along paths, edible plants, benches etc.
  •  Sept 2016 deadline
-NBB Truck Routes: Part of the City’s Project, RADTIP, may include improving Riverside Drive and Craven St Bridge so trucks can drive that route.
  •  The next steps will be deciding between designs: Widen Craven St Bridge or have a double bridge.
  •  Hurdles Include: The bridge is currently DOT owned and the Engineering over the French Broad River
  •  Thursday Nov 13, 4pm at Chamber of Commerce: There will be a Riverfront Monthly Meeting. If EWANA has enough presence, perhaps we can be asked to speak about our opinions for the Craven St Bridge improvements.
  •  Jan/Feb City Council will look to move forward with the project
  •  Susanne Hackett announced that NBB is still looking into using shorter trucks during the interim period until the improvements can be made, so they can use the neighborhood’s preferred truck method.
5) Proposed Changes to the EWANA Bylaws, Adam Chase
  • Defining Leadership Roles
  • Defining Committees
-Polled the Audience:
  • Suggestion: Change “co-leader” to “vice chair”
  • Suggestion: Correct a few grammatical errors
  • Suggestion: Add “outreach” to the Standing Event Committee
  • No objections to the proposed changes to the Bylaws.
6) New Board Positions, Joshua Martin
  • Gave ShortStreet Cupcakes to Tom Burnet and Ava Carr for their great work serving on the Board!
  • Announced Joshua Martin and Rich Lee are up for renewal of a 2nd Term on the Board
  • Announced 2 New Positions Open
  • Steven Edge and Jason Mann decided to join the board!
-Polled Audience for 4 Members: Joshua Martin, Rich Lee, Steven Edge and Jason Mann. Term is 2yrs
-No objections
7) EWANA passed cards for everyone to list what they want EWANA to work on in the upcoming year. Collected by Kirk Weir, Board Member.

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