RADTIP Design Firm Presentation on New Belgium Truck Route, Protected Bike Lanes on Riverside

21 Nov

1. Presented by CDM Smith at the Asheville Area Riverfront Redevelopment Commission Nov. 13th, 2014 meeting1


2. Some preliminary stuff. RADTIP is a project to turn 2.5 miles of Riverside Drive into a showcase boulevard with sidewalks, greenways, art and new development. (click to enlarge)

2 3 4 5


3. As part of a combined effort by neighbors, New Belgium, and city government, the design firm was directed to look at ways to make RADTIP suitable for New Belgium trucks (and note: “Other projects planned in within RAD”, meaning other possible upcoming industrial developments.) 6


4. Potential New Belgium truck route/RADTIP in red. Initial main route (Haywood Rd.) in orange, designated secondary route (Amboy Rd.) in yellow.7


5. Problem #1: This bridge is too low:



6. The CDM Smith team created a 3D model of the railroad bridge

9 10


7. Using auger holes, they found the road under the bridge can be lowered up to two feet without damaging its structure, and the road re-graded to improve drainage there. Permission from Norfolk Southern would be needed for this.11


8. Problem #2: the intersection of Craven Street and Riverside Drive is too tight for trucks to turn (plus the other bullet points below)12 13


9. Engineering a wide enough turn. A roundabout at the intersection is ruled out as too unwieldy, requiring too much city-claimed property, and not in keeping with the character of the road. A signalized intersection is favored. The Planters Tobacco barn, being in a floodway, cannot be repurposed and is expected to be demolished.


10. One idea is to widen the existing bridge by building new structure off of it to the tobacco barn side, adding a turning lane, 10 foot bike and walking path on one side, and 5′ 6″ sidewalk on the other. This would cost about $4 million.15


11. The other idea is to build a second bridge to the north (tobacco barn side) of the existing bridge, turning the current bridge into two lanes going toward Riverside. The new bridge would have one lane coming toward West Asheville, plus a 10′ bike lane and 10′ pedestrian walkway, side-by-side. This idea would cost about $2.6 million. This idea is technically and financially preferable, and the direction the city is pursuing. Plus it’s a better multimodal connection.16


12. CDM Smith’s analysis says a second bridge would tie in okay with the new road work on the West Asheville/New Belgium side.17


13. This ties in with plans to create a trailhead and major river parking/access at the corner of Craven Street and Emma Road, next to New Belgium.

18 19


14. The other part of the presentation concerned a proposal by Asheville on Bikes to create protected bike lanes on Riverside Drive20


15. Protected bike lanes are separated from traffic by space, parked cars, and/or posts.21


16. Like this.22


17. A major issue raised was whether these would move the roadway outside of the area covered in the Federal Environmental Impact Study, a very hard document to get and update.23


18. Some discussion on where to place a pedestrian bridge over the river.24


19. The likeliest locations are right next to Amboy Road (in its shadow, hydrologically speaking) or across from Riverview Station.25


20. A Riverview Station bridge would have to be raised on ramps well above the floodway, costing $1.5 to $15 million dollars, depending on how fancy.



21. Next steps. Plans expected at City Council in January, Public Input in February.27


22. The end.28


One Response to “RADTIP Design Firm Presentation on New Belgium Truck Route, Protected Bike Lanes on Riverside”

  1. Irene Wrightr November 26, 2014 at 2:03 pm #

    Looks like I’m never going to get out of my neighborhood without extreme difficulty, from speed bumps to road closures, I feel like it’s time to relocate. I did LOVE my neighborhood–Spinet St. off Riverview. Now I feel TRAPPED!

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