Board of Directors



Marston Blow

MB 2

Term thru Nov-2018

Marston Blow came on the board last year in an effort to become more involved in her neighborhood, city, and the world.  She is a founding member or the River Arts District and is known for her ceramic singing bowls and beautiful pottery.  She’s lived in Asheville over 20 years, in EW for 15 and is currently working hard on making her house more sustainable as the climate starts to change.

Joshua Martin

sunnypointTerm thru Nov-2016

I live on Deaver Street with my wife Kelly and three young children ages 4, 4 and 6.  You might see wheeling around the neighborhood on strollers + scooters, tricycles + training-wheels, bike-trailers + tag-a-longs. I was raised in New England, but arrived in Asheville in 2003 via Indiana via Colorado. I have lived in East West Asheville since 2008, and I’m pretty sure there is something in the water in the neighborhood that boosts the rate of twins. Professionally, I am an organizer and forest advocate serving as the director of a non-profit called the Environmental Paper Network. We are an international coalition of environmental organizations working together to transform the paper industry and which includes Asheville-based Dogwood Alliance.

Gabrielle White


Term thru Nov-2018

I grew up in Ithaca New York and moved to Asheville in 2012 after finishing my four year tour of duty as an Officer for the US Air Force. I wanted to continue my studies in sustainability and homesteading, put down roots in a neighborhood, and help create: strong community, food sovereignty, homesteading skills and earthskills.  I seek every day to move towards a life and a community of friends whose goals are to help each other, cooperate, and live a life that “produces” our own needs instead of consumes at a high cost to the environment and other peoples. I bought my home on Riverview Drive in 2012 which I’m grateful for landing next to such good neighbors and being able to permaulture-ize it. You may have noticed my “yardin” and the fruits and veggies it produces. It is my goal to make it a demonstration site for low-impact living. I am incredibly inspired by the work of Mark Lakeman of City Repair Portland, and have become a student of natural building as I believe this work will bring us to an equalibrium of healthy,low-impact, affordable and community-invested housing. I have been a part of staff for the local and regional earthskills gatherings and a part of the Buncombe County Fruit and Nut Club. I make money as a thai bodyworker, a personal assistant, a teacher, and now and then as a singer/performer. I believe strongly in re-creating a society that works in the best interest of all peoples. I have taken on an activist role here in Asheville promoting and implementing food in public spaces. I believe in taking control of our situations and empowering ourselves to get things done as the community sees fit. I strive to include all people in what I do, and to include children. I trust that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for and do my best to speak for the good of all.

Stephen Edge


Term thru Nov-2017

I live on Michigan Avenue with my wife Sarah and our 2 year old son. I have been a resident of Ashville since 2007 and EWANA since 2009, while Sarah has been in EWANA since 2006.   I have a bachelor of science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Mississippi.  My career is focused in automotive manufacturing, all spent with BorgWarner – here in Asheville and Mississippi.  I am also fortunate to have graduated from Leadership Asheville.  Sarah was a founding Board Member of EWANA.   We focus our neighborhood  time on building  community in the Michigan Ave area and street beautification / cleanup – very fitting as Sarah is a Landscape Architect.

Kirk Weir


Term thru Nov- 2016

I live on Reynolds Road with my wife Stacey and our three children ages: 8, 2 & 0.5. My family and I moved from Horney Heights to our current home in East West Asheville in the summer of 2012. Originally from Pennsylvania, my wife and I are both graduates from Penn State University with a bachelor of sciences in Horticulture and Earth Sciences, respectively. My professional background is as an environmental geologist. My current position with AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Inc. includes environmental assessments and remediation, though it has recently biased towards geotechnical and structural materials observations and testing for local commercial and municipal projects. We chose to raise our family in West Asheville for the like-minded eclectic southern hospitality and ultimately chose East West Asheville for its potential of well thought out and responsible growth.

Patricia Waites


Term thru Nov- 2018

I live on Riverview Drive with my husband. We moved to Asheville in October 2014 from Chicago and love it here. You can find us on the weekends hiking, kayaking, or enjoying one of the many breweries in the area. I earned by bachelor’s degree in sport management at Loyola University Chicago and my master’s degree in accounting at University of Illinois at Chicago. I am a licensed CPA and work as the Internal Auditor for the City of Asheville


Ted Figura

MPA Productions G40C8296a

Term thru Nov-2016

My wife, Judy, and I moved to East-West Asheville at the end of May, 2013 from Newport News, Virginia. For almost four decades, since moving from Austin after grad school, we had wanted to live in a more progressive community and, finally, here we are! We live in a new, green-built house on Logan Avenue. Besides Asheville being such a great place to live, our son and daughter-in-law, Mike and Rachel Figura, also live in West Asheville along with our two grandchildren. Being vegetarians for more than four decades, we’re in food-heaven here.My background is in economic development (almost 30 years with the City of Newport News and more than four years consulting). A long stay with the City because we were always on the creative cutting edge of the field, so it never got old. Judy is a mental health counselor who is building her practice at the 29 Ravenscroft Building just minutes from where we live.

Adam Chase

MPA Productions G40C8315a

Term thru Nov-2016

I moved to Asheville in 2010 from Charleston, SC where I owned and operated an environmental consulting company with a focus on helping businesses and events “go green.” During that time, I helped organize “zero waste” events in Asheville and other regional cities that were focused on educating the public on environmental issues in a fun and interactive way. I attended both University of Colorado and University or Maryland and was born in Baltimore.  Six years ago I began pursuing my talents in film and photography and now co-own and operate MPA Productions with my fiancé. Ever since I first visited Asheville and then began working in Asheville, I knew I would want to raise my family here. I have now been to 46 states and 14 countries and there is no place I would rather call home.

Jason Mann


Term thru Nov-2017

Jason Mann has lived in the Asheville area for 11 years, 3 of which as a resident of East West Asheville. Jason has a long standing interest in community engagement and a desire to see his neighborhood thrive. While currently employed in the private sector and also serving as a Board member and Officer of the non-profit DemocracyApps, Jason was previously employed by the City of Asheville for 5 years.

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